Never Settle

Eat clean, Train dirty.
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I love Mondays because I LOVE my job!! I’m throwing my first London Arbonne party today! I’ll be paid to do facials, foot spas and drink wine all with my friends. So happy and proud to be an Arbonne Independent Consultant and I’m SO FREAKIN EXCITED for my party tonight #arbonne #arbonneconsultant #party #text #quote #job #monday #launch #happy
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In LOVE with my new sweater 🌈🌈🌈 #sweater #tiedye #colour #bright #hippie #happy #clothing #bright #colours
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Revie Schulz.
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TIP #1 to Eating Healthy: pack your own lunch!!!! 🍎🍒🍉🍇🍓🍌If you’re out doing errands or at work and you don’t pack a lunch, there’s a 70% chance you’ll order fast food. Put the effort in in the morning to fuel your body right by packing a lunch. Every little bit counts. 😄💪 #nutrition #fitness #foodporn #broccoli #onions #cheese #workout #work #lunch #healthy #healthandwellness #gym
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I really want to go on a road trip, just me and someone I truly care about. to wherever we want. sleeping in motels, stimulating conversation, no fighting, just getting to know them and enjoying their company and seeing the world through the windows of the car.

exactly this ^
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